8 – 10 Apr 2025
Hamburg Messe

Brands fly high at WTCE

Nine companies share their experience of participating at WTCE to demonstrate how events can help brands gain valuable insights into new distribution channels and leverage opportunities they may otherwise have missed.

Rivazur Cakes

The team spoke to Olivier Ripoche, Managing Director of Rivazur Cakes, to share key insights on how successful exhibiting at WTCE has been for the business.

The Savourists

Harry Turpin, Founder of The Savourists, spoke to us about the brand’s success after exhibiting at WTCE. Following the event, The Savourists was able to secure two new pieces of business.

The Perfect Cocktail

The Perfect Cocktail is an Italian drinks company making premium, ready-to-drink cocktails. As a European market leader, The Perfect Cocktail’s range of classic recipes follows the International Bartender Association’s cocktail-making standards.

Montezuma's enters a whole new industry sector

Montezuma’s is an award winning chocolate company currently stocked at Liberty’s, Waitrose, John Lewis and Selfridges, and has opened its door to a whole new industry sector after exhibiting at WTCE.

Gastro Culinary Innovation celebrates soaring sales

Airline food is having a renaissance. Gone are the days of dry chicken or watery scrambled eggs, and in their place comes a delicious selection of tasty restaurant-quality meals that are pleasing to the palette, easy on the eye and gastronomically on trend.

Crantock achieves run-way success

Crantock is an award-winning manufacturer that supplies food products to customers ranging from blue chip clients to niche consumers. It prides itself on developing chef-driven products and using quality ingredients that are carefully sourced through supply chain partnerships.

FBV takes the fast-track to success

Fulfilling Brand Value (FBV) is a unique sales consultancy that helps increase its clients’ market share. The company decided to exhibit at WTCE to increase exposure and awareness of FBV and the brands that sit within its portfolio, as well as enhance relationships with existing trade partners and build new ones.

Hydra Active takes smooth route into airline industry

Pyjamas which claim to moisturise you while you sleep? It almost sounds too good to be true. But a London-based business has come up with a product that does just that. And unsurprisingly, the unique company is celebrating its most successful year ever, thanks to its debut appearance at WTCE.

Propercorn flies high

To say Propercorn, the natural, healthy popcorn brand has experienced a whirlwind few years would be an understatement. Since launching in late 2011, the company has secured 3,500 stockists for its hand-popped snacks and has sold more than 13 million packs in the last 18 months. 

Phizz success rises fast at WTCE

Phizz, a rehydration, vitamin and minerals brand, is celebrating a breakthrough year following its debut at WTCE. The company’s revolutionary multi-vitamin hydration tablet, which is designed to offset dehydration, combat fatigue and boost the immune system.

iFLEAT - Restaurant delivery service takes to the skies

A company which specialises in delivering food from restaurants directly to passengers in their seats has secured a series of deals with high profile airlines since exhibiting at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE). iFLEAT, a downloadable app-based service which simply requires passengers to fill in their name and booking number before allowing them to pre-order restaurant food ahead of their flight, is now available across the Air Berlin network and is being rolled out across other global airlines. 

Matrix showcase patented Bio-Form plastic at WTCE

Innovative procurement company brings its latest inventions to annual travel professionals event

Matrix, the award-winning product design and procurement specialist, showcased its new range of Bio-Form travel amenities and textiles at World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE®).  

FORMIA: An International Guest Amenity and Hospitality Specialist

Founded originally in Scandinavia, FORMIA now serves the Asia Pacific market and is the industry leader in airline amenities. It aims to enhance the overall passenger experience by collaborating with brands to design tailor-made concepts. The company has more than 50 airline collaborations and over 130 brand partners across the luxury, lifestyle, well-being, and travel sectors.

Lily O’Brien’s: Passionate for all things chocolate

Lily O’Brien's story begins in 1992, when Mary Ann O'Brien has just recovered from a debilitating illness. Mary Ann was ready to start anew and discovered her love for chocolate. She trained with world-class chefs and chocolatiers in both South Africa and Europe and ultimately honed her chocolate-making skills. Mary Ann created high-quality chocolate recipes for friends and family and eventually decided to expand her enterprise to position excellent Irish chocolate on the world map. She named the company after her daughter, Lily, and history happened—Lily O’Brien's became one of Ireland's best-loved chocolatiers.

Linstol: The Preferred Supplier of In-Flight Passenger Products

Since 1993, the company has been working with numerous clients in customising in-flight passenger comforts. It is now considered an industry leader in logistics solutions and design services.

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