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The Perfect Cocktail

Helping airlines to save space and money

The Perfect Cocktail is an Italian drinks company making premium, ready-to-drink cocktails. As a European market leader, The Perfect Cocktail’s range of classic recipes follows the International Bartender Association’s cocktail-making standards.

Each mix comes in packs ranging from a single-serve, stand-up plastic pouch, to a 1.5 or three litre bag-in-box – all fully recyclable.

SVP of Sales Alberto Topan explains that the company spent five years on research and development before patenting the production process that allows all The Perfect Cocktail drinks to be stored and shipped ambiently with no expiry date.

“This is a real strength of the company,” he says, adding that the single-serve pouches also appeal to airlines for their space reduction and cost effectiveness.

For instance, on many United States carriers, drinks are mostly served in 100 ml cans with a 12-month expiry date, plus they take up more space onboard that our pouches. In tests, we proved that airline trolley drawers can hold 60 pouches in the same space that holds just 30-35 cans. That’s approximately a 38% cost saving.

He adds that once empty, The Perfect Cocktail pouches are no thicker than a business card, making them easy to store before being sent for recycling. He also points out that the pouches are easy to open.

“I have spoken to several cabin crew and they tell me that there’s always a risk of cutting themselves on cans or catching a nail as they try to open them, so they welcome the pouches. You simply have to tear the corner of the pouch and pour the drink over ice.”

The Perfect Cocktail exhibited at 2022 edition of WTCE, and Alberto says that as a direct result they are already on-board ITA-Airways, and the business is currently running product trials with two different airlines alongside a new contract forged independently with a third. Alberto adds that WTCE is essential for any company wanting to target airlines:

Last year we made a big investment with a huge innovative booth, and we intend to do the same this year to target not just the European airlines attending, but also companies from North America and Asia who visited the show.

He also stresses that this year’s preparations will begin much sooner to ensure he and his team maximise every opportunity in the weeks running up to the show and immediately after.

“This time, we’ll begin working two months before the show and will follow up on our new contacts for at least three months after the event. 80% of the contacts you meet don’t respond or give you immediate feedback; you have to chase with a call or email.

It can be a long-term process, but you have to be persistent. Remember that they probably don’t need you today, but the moment they do need you, you need to be ready for them.”

Alberto also recommends that newcomers to supplying airlines should study how it works and what the challenges might be.

You have to be prepared. It’s a market with huge potential with very, very high volumes, but low margins. At The Perfect Cocktail, we were prepared with the right product in the right packaging, so we’ve not had to modify our product at all, we simply need to customise packaging if that’s what our customers request.

The Perfect Cocktail is not alone in finding success as a WTCE exhibitor. Many companies have reported huge and lucrative deals thanks to their participation in the air and rail industry’s flagship onboard services event.

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