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The Preferred Supplier of In-Flight Passenger Products

When it comes to in-flight passenger products, Linstol never fails to deliver. The company believes that airline travel should be inspired. That is why it collaborates with clients in the airline industry to produce customised cabin essentials, including amenity kits, headsets, disposables, comfort products, and more.

Its solutions are geared toward contributing to a dynamic supply chain, inventory management, quality control, and environmental impact.

Since 1993, the company has been working with numerous clients in customising in-flight passenger comforts. It is now considered an industry leader in logistics solutions and design services. In 2020, it has partnered with Amphenol Phitek, a leader in premium in-flight noise-cancelling headphones, bringing its production capabilities to the future of Phitek headset development.

It has also collaborated with Saudia Airlines in producing the PE-95 premium earbuds, which is a special gift for airline guests. Other brand partners of Linstol include Osprey London, Meridian Audio, Archipelago Botanicals, Matouk Luxury Linens, and L'Occitane en Provence.

Aside from contributing to inspired air travel, Linstol is also committed to fulfilling its duty to corporate global sustainability. It makes sure that its leading-edge products and innovations have a positive eco-friendly impact. One of its most impressive innovations to date is the SuperCup, which uses improved geometry along with Earth Coating to create a truly recyclable paper cup. The product’s downstream effect is to significantly reduce the use of plastics and help lower their carbon footprint. Furthermore, it has partnerships with non-profit organizations to further promote global sustainability as a social responsibility

Linstol is one of the companies that have exhibited at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) since 2012. Looking back, the company first showcased four major product categories, including headsets, disposables, comfort items, and amenity kits. Having had around 30 airline customers back then, the company has expanded since then and now caters to over 100 global airlines as its customers. It is expected to offer fresh new products that are innovative, sustainable, eco-friendly, and have increased functionality to WTCE visitors.

WTCE has played a significant role in Linstol’s growth. A spokesperson for the company said: "WTCE is the largest show in our industry, and it gives us the opportunity to have meaningful face-to-face contact with existing airline partners and connect with people that have new roles/positions. We are known for our lavish swag bags and the open and welcoming spirit that keeps the show fun for us as well as airline attendees. WTCE has helped us grow our business by providing the ideal platform to showcase new products, new partnerships and innovations that airlines have come to depend on us for."

As a positive response, WTCE Event Director Polly Magraw said: "Hearing the success stories of some of our longest-standing exhibitors is one of my favourite parts of the job and it’s fantastic to hear how far Linstol has come over the last 10 years. Its stand is always a delight to visit - you can always count on discovering something new when you stop by."

Expand your business just like Linstol did by becoming one of the exhibitors at WTCE 2023. A lot of companies have closed huge and lucrative deals just for their participation in the event. Do not miss this opportunity.

WTCE is the largest show in our industry, and it gives us the opportunity to have meaningful face-to-face contact with existing airline partners.

Linstol’s spokesperson

Linstol is not alone in finding success as a WTCE exhibitor. Many companies have reported huge and lucrative deals thanks to their participation in the air and rail industry’s flagship onboard services event.

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