Venue Details


World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo will be held in Halls A1 and A4 of Hamburg Messe and is co-located with Aircraft Interiors Expo in Halls B1 to B7.


Hamburg Messe und Congress

Messeplatz 1

D-20357 Hamburg


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +49 40 3569 7575

Fax: +49 40 3569 - 2 203



The WTCE Organisers' Office will be situated on the Upper Floor Skywalk in the Central Entrance and will be open throughout the tenancy period.


Venue & General Information

Please click here to view an A-Z of helpful venue and general information to help you with your planning.

Exhibitor Catering

Exhibitors are permitted to have catering on their stand.

Details of any stand catering (including proposed preparation, cooking and dispensing of food from stands, including sampling) must be discussed with the Organisers during the early planning stages of the Exhibition. The Organisers’ approval is required in writing for such activities.

If you intend on having any catering served on your stand it is a mandatory requirement to complete the WTCE Stand Catering Form, even if catering is being supplied by Käfer Service Hamburg. This form must be submitted by Friday 3rd May.

WTCE 2024 Stand Catering Form

Please ensure you have read and understood all catering regulations before completing this form. Catering regulations can be found in the documents below:

Please note that if the above form has not been completed, or if onsite delivery and service does not comply with regulation stated in the exhibitor manual then we reserve the right to stop service onsite.  


Catering Orders via Käfer Service Hamburg (venue official caterer)

We highly recommend all catering is supplied by the venues official caterer, Käfer Service Hamburg. Käfer Service Hamburg fully comply with all legislation in force, relative to food hygiene, and have a central kitchen and storages facilities within the venue meaning stand catering can be delivered without using valuable exhibition stand space.

Käfer Service Hamburg offer a stand catering service to exhibitors. Exhibitors wishing to order stand catering can order this online via the Online Service Centre or by contacting Käfer Service Hamburg directly;

Käfer Service Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 40 3569 - 3217

Email: [email protected]


Exhibitor Self Catering / External Catering Companies

We will permit exhibitors providing their own stand catering, or external catering companies onsite to provide stand catering on the provision that they comply with all catering and hygiene regulations.

Catering regulations can be found in the documents below:

Onsite inspections may be carried out at random to ensure regulations are being met by exhibitors and their catering companies. In this instance exhibitors will be required to immediately supply all relevant documentation (e.g. licences, qualifications, risk assessments etc.) to the inspector. If documentation cannot be supplied, or if it is deemed regulations are not being met, the Organisers, HMC or Hamburg Office of Consumer Protection and Food Inspection reserve the right to stop service of any stand catering.

Kitchens, Catering Service Areas & Stand Design

Kitchens are permitted, however kitchens and food service areas must also comply with all existing catering and technical regulations from the venue. Catering regulations can be found in the documents below:


Show Catering

Please note that there are a number of catering outlets situated both within and outside of the exhibition halls which will be open during show open for visitor and exhibitor catering. Some of these outlets will also be open during build and breakdown.

If you wish to make a group booking at one of the internal catering outlets, please contact Käfer Service Hamburg directly:

Käfer Service Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 40 3569 - 3217

Email: [email protected]


Please click here for a detailed information.

Exhibitor & Contractor Welfare

We all have a duty of care to help and support event industry professionals and here at RX Global, the safety and wellbeing of everyone onsite is one of our top priorities.  Everyone has a role to play to look out and care for our colleagues and peers and we can all do this by taking the following steps:

  • Don’t request or plan for stand designs that can not be safely and comfortably constructed and dismantled during the published time available.
  • Provide sufficient amount of onsite crew to reduce long working hours.
  • Ensure adequate breaks for staff.
  • Everyone on site should have access to drinking water, catering facilities and rest rooms.
  • Be kind.  Be considerate.

All exhibitors who have booked late work in the halls must ensure they consider the welfare of their team, ensuring adequate breaks are given and that a secondary team come in to work overnight if required. The safety team onsite will be monitoring the number of hours contractors are onsite for and will ask to see evidence of staff welfare measures in your health and safety documents if they have concerns.

Emergency Procedures

To download the venue Emergency Procedures that should be distributed to all staff working onsite, please click here.

Evacuation or partial evacuation is on the advice of the Venue. Should an emergency occur that necessitates an evacuation, an announcement will be made over the PA system. Exit the building immediately via the nearest exit point and make your way on foot to your closest Assembly Point. Please refrain from using mobile phones at this time.

Whilst at the Assembly Point you will be kept informed of developments. When the emergency has ceased you will either be invited to return to the exhibition to resume normal business or advised to return the next day – in which case you will not be permitted to return to the exhibition to collect vehicles, bags, briefcases, etc.


A badging system is in place to ensure all personnel are registered and associated with the show.

Exhibitor badges are essential for open days, unfortunately no badge no entry! During the build up and breakdown period all contractors must have a contractor wristband/pass.

Advice for Exhibitors

Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of personnel and equipment and the premises are patrolled day and night, we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage or any consequential losses which may befall your personnel and their property.

Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their goods, please consider how you can secure your products and belongings whilst on-site. We recommend that valuables are not left unattended on your stand and are removed or locked away each evening. This is particularly relevant on the closing evening and throughout the breakdown period. During the day be aware of your space - report anything or anyone suspicious to security. If you are a victim of theft please report it immediately.

If you would like a specialist Security for your stand, please contact the Official Security Contractor.