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6 – 8 June 2023
Hamburg Messe

Sensehacking: Passenger wellbeing in the air

Download the exclusive report produced for WTCE to understand how to alleviate passenger stress and improve the onboard experience including:

  • What factors contribute to wellbeing in the air?
  • Research into how to improve passenger comfort
  • Industry examples of sensehacking

What to expect in the guide:

  • Nature takes the strain
  • Hacking the senses
  • Sonic seasoning
  • Sleep soothers
  • ASMR and the ‘first night effect’
  • Conclusions

"Airlines are now shifting their attention to other means of enhancing passenger inflight wellbeing via ‘sensehacking’ - using sensory stimulation to help improve social, cognitive, and emotional wellbeing during journeys.

The airline and airport industries clearly understand the need for stress-soothing service strategies and that the multisensory atmosphere while flying is not conducive to promoting inflight passenger wellbeing.

But, in a bid to mitigate any negative effects by sensehacking the inflight passenger experience, there are several key activities/elements to consider.

I believe many of the strategies discussed could be adopted by airlines to tackle the growing problems of passenger stress and anxiety, and the boredom that often lies at the root of other unhealthy behaviours in the air, such as an excessive consumption of alcohol, and/or food."

Professor Charles Spence, Crossmodal Research Laboratory, University of Oxford

Professor Charles Spence

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