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6 – 8 June 2023
Hamburg Messe

Sustainability in Focus

A joint study by WTCE and Foodcase International

Airlines are fighting to be more sustainable in every area of their business. Their biggest sustainability challenge is to eliminate food and packaging waste, and ‘lightweight’ aircraft as part of their battle to reduce fuel use and in turn C02 emissions.

A comprehensive article published on the WTCE Expo Hub last year highlighted the extent of the issue that airlines and their suppliers face, detailing that in 2017 a quarter of the 5.7 million tonnes of cabin waste was untouched food and beverages.

At the same time, IATA estimates that around $3.9 billion worth of catering waste is incinerated or sent to landfill. Pre-pandemic it stresses that passenger concerns regarding airline waste practices were mounting and increasingly challenged with embracing the circular economy.

This report offers a snapshot of airline and supplier partner views about the challenges they face and how they might tackle them.

Taking part in the survey were:

  • Iris Anna Groenewegen, Inflight Director, IcelandAir
  • Catherine Goh, Inflight Director, AirAsia
  • Kalen Tang, Head of Procurement, Cathay Pacific Catering Services
  • Stefanie Naumann, Inflight Department, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
  • Antonio Siciliani, Business Development Manager, Cecily’s Ice Cream
  • Dinesh Tadepalli, Founder,
  • Alison Wells, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Plane Talking Products
  • Antoinette Schotvanger, Cabin Optimize & Innovation Officer, Transavia

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