Market Informaton


    - Air passenger demand is increasing globally (3.8%) and is forecast to double by 2034

    - Inflight catering is expected to grow at CAGR 6.4% and reach $29bn by 2025

    - Full service carriers account for almost 80% of the market share and will continue to dominate the inflight catering service market

    - Economy class is forcast to be around $12billion market during 2016-2021

    - Travel retail overall has recorded 12.9% annual growth, onboard retail 5.7%

    - In the catering segment meals account 50-55% of the market share followed by bakery & confectionary and beverages

    - Asia is a huge area of passenger growth as the populations wealth and disposable income improves. By 2018 1bn people will travel by air in Asia – 30% of the global total and 4% increase since 2009 (IATA forecast 2015). Inflight catering in the region is due to increase by 6.06%. US, India, Indonesia and Brazil follow closely behind Asia in terms of passenger growth

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